Restaurant Dolodòn

It is the first restaurant on the swings of Italy.

Letting yourself cradle and swing, returning a bit ‘children, you can book dinners for tasting and not only …

Dolodon… eating, swinging!

…every Friday evening!

…or book the restaurant for your event!

Inside Restaurant

The restaurant, completely closed by huge windows, allows us even in winter to relax and warm our hearts, under the banner of romantic and suggestive dinners. Below the restaurant is the Hobby room where you can organize dinners and theme parties.

Breakfast is served from 09:00. . . . for sleepers even in the room!!!

There is a small bar where you can have coffee, tea, homemade sweets and other goodies from Ille-Roif.

Outside Restaurant

In the summer months it is possible to organize banquets, birthdays, parties or simply have lunch outside under a splendid veranda with a breathtaking view of the Sabine countryside. On warm summer nights it will be a pleasure to dine by candlelight tasting the kitchen of our chef, in a suggestive and comfortable environment.

For all lovers of the “vie en plain air” Ille Roif organizes on Sundays from May until … end of summer lunch on the outdoor patio where you can taste the delicacies of our kitchen. Eating in close contact with nature you will let your mind travel among hills in bloom and the good mood will come by itself…

  • Gourmet food

    Let yourself be delighted by Chef Pierpaolo’s creative dishes every Friday and Saturday for dinner and Sunday for lunch.

  • Cocktails

    Enjoy a candlelit cocktail.

  • Cellar

    Only the best Italian wines!

  • Breakfast

    … Breakfast … Swinging … at Dolodòn Restaurant…

  • Picnics

    In summer, romantic picnics are organized on the lawn under the moonlight!

  • Snacks

    See the special in the room!