Wellness Center

A typical day: from dawn to sunset a fierce race against time. Everything is consumed at great speed, between a commitment and the other, pressed by a roadmap that does not allow pauses … time is precious, but you too!

This is why at Ille Roif we practice the “culture of wellbeing”: I welcome you a small SPA in a pleasant and refined environment where, cradled by chill-out notes, you can taste delicate herbal teas.
Then, choose how you can eliminate stress: a sauna, a massage, a steam bath or a dip in the mini-whirlpool pool, captivated by the relaxing view of our gardens!

  • Sauna and Turkish Bath

    They create a strong sweating, reinvigorating the lymphatic system and eliminating lactic acid, uric acid and amino acids.

  • Massage

    Massages promote relaxation, loosening of muscle tension, lymphatic stimulation and better functioning of the cardiovascular system. They also help reduce stress, help breathing and improve digestion.

  • Vitamin Juices and Herbal Teas

    To regain the hydration lost during the sauna or the Turkish bath, to relax and nourish the body.

  • Jacuzzi

    The benefits of a whirlpool not only affect the body, which appears more relaxed, more relaxed and more rested, but are mainly related to the mental and mental sphere: a well-made whirlpool brings relaxation and rest, restores the psycho-physical balance and l harmony lost during the day.

The Pool

If you prefer relaxation with a capital “R” then your ideal place is the pool where you can bask reading a good book, sipping your favorite drink or simply lazing on the sofa-shell maybe listening to your music. So whatever your interests or your attitudes, Ille-Roif staff will offer you everything you need to spend a wonderful stay … try it!

Open from May to October, equipped with every comfort, has a Bar area where you can cool off!